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Stylised Character Controller

⭐ Featured in Game Dev Digest ⭐


A stylised physics-based character controller made in Unity 3D.


The character controller is based on a floating capsule approach devised by Toyful Games for Very Very Valet. From the team's development blog, the various techniques for the movement are outlined and explained with snippets of code. However, the provided code was largely incomplete - partially due to it being tied up in the complex other workings of Very Very Valet. This lead me, with Toyful Games' permission, to develop and share my own modular take on the floating capsule approach. With the addition of some additional stylisation, the Stylised Character Controller project was conceived.


  • Physics-based character controller
  • Squash and stretch, which is a principle of animation, makes the character's movements appear more playful and less rigid.
  • Dithered silhouettes appear on the character when obscured from view, letting the player know where they are at all times.
  • Top down blob shadows on characters make 3D platforming feel sharper, and they look great when combined with Unity's inbuilt environmental shadows.
  • Dust particles appear when characters move, making the character feel more alive.


The motivation to start this project came after implementing the physics-based character controller into a game prototype of my own. I had been struggling for a long time to complete a project, since University was taking priority. With heaps of scrapped projects accruing, I felt a strong desire to just get something out there. So I took what I already had, polished it up, and released it in the hope that other game developers may find it useful. Enjoy!